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Mar 16, Below is my roundup of the best Twitter client apps for Mac currently . doesn't include the avatar photos in the context menu, and somehow my brain finds it buttons always visible in a dedicated bar below the tweet content.
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Tweetbot for Mac

Rains — shadowbottle. Download the Press Kit. Muffles and Mutes. URL Schemes. Regular Expressions. On August 16th, Twitter initiated their plan to shut down several services that Twitterrific and other third party clients have long depended on to provide features you've come to know and love. Twitter's rollout of this shutdown was done in stages so that the affected services would flicker 'on' and 'off' with increasingly long 'off' durations until finally remaining 'off' permanently.

Catalyst deep dive: The future of Mac software according to Apple and devs | Ars Technica

On the other hand, existing and future Macs will run iOS apps, no matter what chips they have inside. Apple already confirmed the feature back at WWDC , and the first such apps are already available inside Mojave — the new Home and Apple News apps are two such examples.

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Back By Popular Demand! This is when the iPhone 11 will ship to your door: Everything we know so far By Chris Smith 2 days ago.

Instead of going cold turkey, perhaps you can begin to wean yourself from the little birdie by accessing only the mobile version of Twitter on your Mac with BirdDrop. Then again, perhaps having one-click access to any form of Twitter from your Mac's menu bar will only increase the time you spend on Twitter. How you use it is up to you.

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I'm here only to inform you of the app's existence and how it works. BirdDrop is a free app that installs a Twitter button in your Mac's menu bar. After logging into Twitter through the app, you'll have quick access to Twitter's mobile client.

With the app, you are able to view your Twitter timeline, compose tweets, retweet, respond to tweets, search, and more.